Lockdown Diary

Lockdown Diary

when artists stay indoors, their best work gets out!

An account of two of our best pieces created during the lockdown.

While most people claim to have not seen beautiful things in all of 2020, we decided to put out the beautiful thoughts we had inside us consistently throughout the pandemic.
As the nationwide lockdown announced on the 24th of March brought most non-essential businesses to a standstill, we luckily still had work to do.

One afternoon in May when we were busy helping Simba out with his Instagram profile (https://bit.ly/2Nwdoeq) we got an email from Grazia India’s editorial team. They wanted us to design the cover of the magazine in the light of the Pandemic. We quickly jumped at the opportunity with our digital pens and started scribbling some ideas. Our team quickly conceived an idea of putting the real heroes of the pandemic on the magazine’s cover. Delving into inspiration that could be turned into an illustration of the frontline workers, we sketched medical workers who have been instrumental in managing emergencies. For the colour scheme, we got our ideas from medical wards and hospitals. And lastly to tie up the message in a simple way, we decided to call it ‘Dudes on duty’ keeping in line with the ‘Hey doode!’ philosophy.

Here’s a quick look of our moodboard and the final cover:

Soon after Art & Found got in touch with us for an artwork for a unique nationwide fundraiser. We decided to help raise money for Hand in Hand India, a non-profit organisation which has been developing communities
while tackling poverty. This opportunity was the perfect time for us to extend our ‘Dudes of Duty’ artwork into a powerful campaign. So, we conceptualised the second illustration in the series making it about everyday people on the frontline who make sure our compounds are clean and that we get our supplies.

The second drawing in the series was a natural extension, have a look:

You could buy a copy for yourself here: https://bit.ly/2A9zqAB

Both of these opportunities helped us reach out to more people increasing our base during the pandemic. If you want to collaborate with us please write to us at heydoode93@gmail.com and he will get back to you.

We hope that our illustrations add some colour and a lot of hope to your lives. Stay tuned to our blog page for more.